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ForU combines Blockchain, AI and DiD techologies to secure a future where data empowers U in Web2 & 3.

About US

Data privacy Will Evolve into data ownership rights in 2024

ForuAI is flipping the script on data control, putting you in charge and hooking you up with tokens for it. Imagine a world where U get rewarded for just being U. With bulletproof logins, Proof of Humanity tech, and a bot-free zone, take back your digital life and own it with ForuAI.



Bridging the gap between Web 2 and Web 3 to protect and pimp your digital life.

Data Empowerment


Trade your data for tokens, turning your personal info into digital gold.

Hyper Personalization


Now imagine logging onto the next gen of AI super apps and services that 100% know your vibe from the get go.

Proof of Humanity


Ensure genuine interactions with our robust verification system that guarantees all users are real, eliminating bots for a secure and authentic community.

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User Verification

No more Fancy Retina or Palm Scanners

Link socials, transactions, and browsing data securely, verified by AI, and earn Foru tokens for sharing.



Sentiment of U

ForuAI builds rich profiles, "the Sentiment of U," using AI to analyze your consented data, learning your likes, dislikes, typing style, close connections, and maybe even your credit score. This multi-dimensional view offers transparency, control, and hyper-personalization, securely stored in the FORU DiD.


Market Opportunity

Pioneering Digital Identity :
Redefining Digital Trust in Global Market

No fluff, just real solutions—at ForuAI, we create for real-world use, meeting our users right where they are.


  • Before ForuAI
  • Users are limited to logging to apps & web with Facebook/ Google Oauth Logins.
  • Profits from data go to large corporations.
  • Data privacy often compromised.
  • Generic data usage without personal customization.
  • Undifferentiated Market focus, western-centric.
  • Hard and complicated process to sell data.
  • Other projects only hyper focused on web3 solutions.
  • Little to no incentives for users to share data.
  • After ForuAI
  • Login with ForuAI. Consent to the data you share, be rewarded with a personalised user experience and compensated in Foru Tokens.
  • Users earn directly from sharing their data.
  • Enhanced privacy with blockchain-secured transactions.
  • Tailored AI applications using user-consented data.
  • Focused on SEA with clear plan for global expansion.
  • Easy on one single platform.
  • Real world use cases to benefit multiple industries.
  • Users rewarded with Foru tokens.
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Strategic Partnerships

Through our strategic partnership with Blibli and leveraging a network built from Tokocrypto, Foruai has rapidly expanded its user base, demonstrating significant early adoption and engagement, with substantial potential for further growth

Proven Impact, Strategic Growth

The Team
Experienced Leaders in AI, Blockchain, and Data Science.

Our team consists of leaders in AI, blockchain, and data science, bringing together a wealth of knowledge and experience to drive innovation and strategic expansion.

We are backed by prominent advisors in the industry, ensuring we stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Founder & CEO

Pang Xue Kai


Pang Xue Cong


Notable team experience

Experience Design
Singapore Airlines
Business Development
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Business Model

Security 4U

ForuAI uses cutting-edge tech for data security, user power, and custom services: blockchain for safe transactions, ForuAI Identity Protocol for decentralized IDs, AI for personal touches, OAuth for easy access, and AI split models for privacy encryption.

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Call to Action

The Data Revolution Start Now

Invest in Foruai and help us scale new heights in the digital identity landscape. Your support enables us to innovate and expand globally, ensuring privacy and empowerment for all users.

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User Perks


Own your data with ForuAI, get rewarded with tokens, and enjoy personalized services. Blockchain boosts your privacy and security, and OAuth logins make things easy and bot-free.

Community Utility


We provide additonal utility to NFT community projects. By linking with ForuAI ,they can get access to their member's data insights and personalised dashboards to optimise engagement with their members.

Ecosystem 4U


ForuAI powers ecosystem growth with data insights and engagement via AI. Businesses enhance marketing and customer relations. Supports Web2 and Web3 in e-commerce, DeFi, and NFTs, boosting success with custom AI integration and targeted adtech.


Join us in creating a transparent, user-empowered digital ecosystem. Together, we can revolutionize the digital landscape for the better

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